Blog Intent

Sharieka Breeden

The content presented in this blog will present information on various topics .Newsworthy issues. Issues that are unique in structure and existence. The intent of this blog is to view all aspects of life from a political perspective and capture the systems within every system. In life we are presented with various roles, but as people all of our involvement has more than one side.

There is nothing in life that is one-dimensional, everything has the power to be more than what it is, greater than what we display as people, but there are times when we are short on fuel based on circumstances and situations.

Through this blog I hope to present insight in a way that can be informative. Please support the efforts and the display of knowledge presented through powerfully political. The blog name derives from me working to take a stance and a side on news in the world of sports, religion, politics, life and many other topics. The blog will also contain poetry by me and analyzing of historical figures and situations.  Rise with the Uplift.


9 thoughts on “Blog Intent

  1. M. Gat says:

    OMG I am sooo proud of you my little Sis , this is so powerful and yet you stay so humble. I hope that you blogs touches the world and that others will be blessed to find your work and take in the knowledge that needs to be absorbed in the shallow minds of some of the ignorant and unfamiliar to some of the much sensitive topics!
    I wish you well and cannot wait to see you chatting with Larry King Live … make sure you mention your sis in my global domination to take over the world … lol

  2. M. Gat says:

    Oh and make sure that you visit !
    I believe that you will be if not more, just as sucked in as me !
    when you scroll down look at the ” more causes ” section on the left hand side and
    see that others feel the same way you do !

  3. KG says:

    Sharieka…I’m feelin’ your blog…very well-written (no surprise there) AND an interesting mix of topics! You definitely know how to show us that there’s power in words so please keep reaching the masses with your “way with words”…

  4. Raquel says:


  5. Sharieka Breeden says:

    Thank you. I appreciate the support. It means the world, and your feedback is essential as always!!!!

  6. Nixon Nyce says:

    Your blog is extra dope Sharieka! Got it bookmarked now to keep up! 🙂

    • Sharieka Breeden says:

      Thank you very much. I appreciate the energy so much I really do! Where can I find your most recent work? I know that you’re shedding some knowledge and light over some beats!

  7. GroovE1 says:

    I appreciate to know and see this powerful movement develop. Thankful to the great work you doing for the world! 1love for life .

    Always, inspire.

    • Sharieka Breeden says:

      I really appreciate you reading this baby bro Thanks for you energy and support. Please keep shedding your light and knowledge wherever you have the opportunity to do so. Love you. Work in progress

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