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Life over death


Check out my thoughts on gun violence, what we need to do to combat the issue and a breakdown of President Barack Obama’s address to the public on the issue, reform and where we are headed as a nation.

Stay Peace…

Don’t just live, live well -Episode 2

See what Chris Wilmore  is doing in his community to make a difference. People will watch paid boxers and MMA fighters fight. These individuals are doing it for their lives and handling their issues without a gun. No charge. Check out Guns to gloves

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I listened to Thelonious Monk’s Blue Monk when I wrote this: Play What you Want


Will the universe ever birth it’s greatest during our existence?

Where do we stand in the story of creation? In the scheme of things and the pattern of possibilities, where do we stand?

Movements in motion. History unfolds as we mark life by mourning the lives of legends.

Prayers sent up for enhanced circumstances. Rituals passed down through story-telling and dances.

Have I met a king; Have I talked to a queen?

Visions of forever, with a presentation that I have never romantically placed into the scheme of things. It just seems to look like forever when I try to glance at tomorrow but am still staring at today.

Restless hours: running through time as we dig through the pits of the earth anxiously trying to find what sleep means.

Scriptures from sacred texts, feelings of being blessed, empty refrigerators and world starvation that makes us second guess what it is that religion is trying to suggest?

Wrongful rights and righting wrongs. The intensity that can be felt when someone speaks a redundant cliche yet powerful term “Be strong.”

The universe has birth it’s greatest during our existence and while I have not met the king or queen of everything I have surely encountered the ruler of something.

We stand in the center of our own creation, moving in rhythm, off beat and off key as we do the same as the ones before us, yearn for intimacy.

Longing to feel the surface of the universe, we scratch, scrape and dig, never able to truly find the purpose. Useless fossils and bones that stamp the supposed begging of our existence.

Labels of ignorance placed on our foreheads as we champion in the fight to end oppression.

Throwers of stones doing our best to be the cause of someone else repenting. Modern day slavery coming through a jail sentence.

Sharecropping is nothing more than renting. Will the universe ever birth justice during our existence.

I have met fair treatment on several occasions. I have also been introduced to the backwards practices of those who think that solutions come from liquor stores being placed on every corner in the ghetto and in every shopping plaza in the suburbs.

Back to the scripture; proverbs.

Unhealthy drinking water in all of our glasses.

In the scheme of things and the pattern of possibilities, where do we stand?

Will the universe ever birth its greatest during our existence?

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Rise up: Thank you Nelson Mandela


By Sharieka Breeden

There are those who lead.

Then there is Nelson Mandela; a man who committed his life to enhancing the world we live in. Today, at 95 years-old he passed away.

As we mourn the life of a leader who was handed the unjust sentencing of 27 years in prison for opposing apartheid, I find myself deeply wondering about the making of Mandela.

I find myself wanting to know more about him, his contributions and what it takes to dedicate your entire life to sharing your vision of making the world a better place.

Mandela was more than a man who rose up from a cold prison cell to become a world leader. He was a symbol.

What does it take for an individual to commit to fighting for justice? What qualities must one possess to unite people and make the rest of the world believe peace and equality are attainable realities?

I don’t exactly know the answers to those questions, but it was clear that Mandela did. As he championed for justice, he united people and he put peace and equality within reach for many.

The first black president of South Africa committed himself to delivering democracy and eliminating racial tension. He worked endlessly to deliver freedom and hope to the people he led. It wasn’t just a position for him or an opportunity to make history.

It was a chance for him to position himself and help to shape history and the world we live in.  Mandela’s leadership is an inspiring motivational example of what can be done when a person is willing to express compassion and concern for the development of people.

While his exit leaves most of the world longing for someone else to fill in as a peaceful facilitator that can share their visions of a world that can offer justice, it should leave all of us challenging ourselves and questioning what legacy we will leave. That’s what it certainly has done for me.

We must remember to mourn the world leader who challenged many of us to be better versions of ourselves. In remembering him, his fight for justice, his peaceful approach and his commitment to enhancing society must not be forgotten.

Today I found myself finding strength from a man that I have never met. I also found myself willing to admit that I don’t know much about the hero-like figure that I was always excited to see on television, read about or listen to as he shared his optimism.

As we say good-bye to a member of society who earned the Nobel Peace Prize because of the way he dedicated his life to making the world better, I question what I can do to better the world we live in.

For starters, I need to educate myself on Mandela and his will to make sure that he did something about helping to combat the ills of society. I need to look within and start trying to answer some of the questions he answered in his existence.

Mandela responded to a challenge. Let’s rise up and make our best effort to the same. May he rest in peace and may his contributions continue to serve as a blueprint for us as we work to impact and influence.

“Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”-Nelson Mandela

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All things great

I suppose when we are at a point where people walk around raving about how nice we are, how charming we can be, that we are safe.
Safety simply comes because when we are at that place, it should be clear how self absorbed somebody is about the energy we have incorporated into their existence.
Never dawned on them that our overextended efforts to flatter them only exist because sadly enough we base our progression and development on how well they they perceive and accept us.
Is there any trueness in our appreciation for another human being? Is it just a perpetuated idea or false concept of what we will be given if we are well received by them?
Somehow it seems that the few people who walk around with no need or desire to be liked, respected and or accepted may have the only real notion of reality or self actualization. If this is true or the really the case then we should all live to be individuals who receive no respect, aren’t liked and rarely please others. What do we really get out of invested energy and distributing ourselves by throwing out comments like “you look nice today or even “hello” or my condolences” approval? Approval for what? Approve of yourself and the concepts that life is a reality, death is inevitable and everything in between is just music, so either make it or listen to it, but make sure it’s being created because you like the sound and not because you’re trying to make hits for fans who can make your career advance. Have a nice day.

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The Revolution Will Be Televised: Remembering the Unforgettable


A week before my 25th birthday and I am lounging and watching Whitney Houston’s funeral. As any fan and supporter of her music is probably doing.
I listened to her music, watched the movies she worked on and was in. Felt like she was a familiar soul simply because she touched my heart. Watching the funeral was an awakening for me. Whitney was a person , a human being, I knew that before her funeral was aired on national television. I was reminded of the roots, beliefs and traditions that we all will carry with us no matter how much fame and success that we acquire in life, we are always our ordinary selves doing spectacular yet blessed things in the eyes of our loved ones. For me, Whitney’s funeral was a refreshing reminder of my upbringing in the church and in the word. It made me reflect on the many days I spent in the pews sitting and learning about the word as staying true and committed to it. I have in almost 25 years have worked to expand mind, spirit and beliefs. What I know, who I am and who I want to be. I must always carry that with me. Knowing that, understanding that and remembering the way that I was raised and the foundation that was built for me by my parents, grandparents and self speak loudly to me as I watch Whitney’s loved ones remembering her life.
In reflecting upon her contributions as she is laid to rest through her homecoming ceremony, I must be honest with myself and admit that her death has shed light on the lives of many. We are all entitled to worship or not worship, ours lives and the way we live them are our choice and the God that we choose to worship in the process is our choice as well. Let us not be judged but have our eyes and the hearts of those as well as ourselves around us be opened by the way we exist, by the way Whitney dedicated her life to doing something beautiful with her God given talent. Letting her beliefs and truths be open and available to the public.
I don’t know if we sign our lives away to the world by sharing our God given talents and abilities to society and the public but I do know that when our souls are laid to rest, we are remembered in the way that we lived, by what we believed and despite a capitalistic society and the ill intentions of some to try to outshine our upbringing, roots, traditions, thoughts and contributions we live on as we wanted and attempted to do so . May Whitney’s soul rest in peace and her life be a living example for the light, glow and shine that will come through. We are not in a box and can’t be limited as a people. (not even in our death) We are who we are and there is nothing but love in that. Be who you are and do it wonderfully. I was reminded of this today …. Love is love and my love is surely your love. For you Whitney the way you lived and the undeniable beautiful loving spirit within you… I will always love you. R.I.P


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Intentions are clear, but the motives are clouded.
Can’t stare in the direction, forced to face the reflection.
Face in front of a puddle of water, voice echoing off the walls.
Screams from the inside, pressure on, yell as loudly as you can,
nobody answers when shouting calls.
The highest is present in every action and thought.
Before the creation was the creator.
Intentions are clear, but the motives are clouded.
Would love to know the mindset of such a thinker.
Able to develop a space formerly known as the world, the universe, our space.
This place, temporary, not everlasting, rules and regulations, consistent agitation.
Limitations. Four lines, constantly stuck in a box. No answer when judgement knocks.
Disbelief, in disbelief about what’s being offered. Every day requires another strategy to avoid redundancy.
Hands open, waiting to hold the possibility of a promise or the guarantee that reliving the best moment ever is the dream that you are working to turn into a reality.
Intentions are clear, motives unknown.
Looking in the mirror, self hiding, the truth is not shown.
Questions and answers all created based on perception, opinion and experience.

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