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“Bathroom Blues”

We complain and spend time on how public restrooms are used.
What’s the bigger issue? There has to be more than the bathroom blues.
Since you’ve  decided to deny the rights of those who are different, let’s focus in on the what really makes bigots selective.
The mirror is set up, look in if you wish.
Are you afraid that a deeper look will make you acknowledge someone else’s glitch?
People are people, just let us be. I’ll respect you if you let me L-I-V-E.
What you’re afforded should be afforded to me.
The stall next to you might contain, a rapist, killer or domestic violence victim, if they admitted guilt or cried out for help would you even listen?
Bathroom blues…
These stalls are not confession booths. That’s not why they’re used.
What gives you a right to make someone choose?
If we were out in jungle, just me and you, no boundaries or space definition, what would we do?
Would you know Laverne Cox was born a man if she never announced herself?
Lay people down  on  couches pull down books from a shelf– to analyze how you think they are  messed up in the mind based on a decision they made for their health.
Stop, please stop! The water is running and he didn’t wash his hands for more than 30 seconds.
He just finished jerking off to child pornography, now he’s going to shake hands for political elections.
You don’t care that he’s in the bathroom with you, but we are tied up in pointless conversation about who pees and where they release? Bathroom blues, or is it pink bathrooms for girls?

-Sharieka Breeden

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The time is now

By Sharieka Breeden 

Shielded in suits…Planting false proof, drenched in fear, working to stop us from being here. You call it in accident. I call it genocide.

Promotion of guns, everywhere we turn.

How can you call yourself pro-life when you express little concern about those who exist?

When will we learn, when will it matter? Treat us like we are walking destruction or natural disaster.

Sick and tired. Tired of being sick of he treatment and the failed nutrition.

Whether it’s a gun or the food, human kind is facing doom unless we stop being quiet about the elephant in the room.

Inferiority in the workplace. Inferiority in the court and the church. How can you make a living when you don’t feel equal at work?

We must stop it, put an end to it now.

Time to search for answers and find out how.

No need for words like later… Let’s do this now.

Have a sense of urgency, a sense of pride.

Journey on like Harriet, revolt like Nat. Make sure their spirits are alive.

Either stand together, or elevate above those who see that we fall… Because justice isn’t supposed to be one-sided. It’s for all.

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