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“Bathroom Blues”

We complain and spend time on how public restrooms are used.
What’s the bigger issue? There has to be more than the bathroom blues.
Since you’ve  decided to deny the rights of those who are different, let’s focus in on the what really makes bigots selective.
The mirror is set up, look in if you wish.
Are you afraid that a deeper look will make you acknowledge someone else’s glitch?
People are people, just let us be. I’ll respect you if you let me L-I-V-E.
What you’re afforded should be afforded to me.
The stall next to you might contain, a rapist, killer or domestic violence victim, if they admitted guilt or cried out for help would you even listen?
Bathroom blues…
These stalls are not confession booths. That’s not why they’re used.
What gives you a right to make someone choose?
If we were out in jungle, just me and you, no boundaries or space definition, what would we do?
Would you know Laverne Cox was born a man if she never announced herself?
Lay people down  on  couches pull down books from a shelf– to analyze how you think they are  messed up in the mind based on a decision they made for their health.
Stop, please stop! The water is running and he didn’t wash his hands for more than 30 seconds.
He just finished jerking off to child pornography, now he’s going to shake hands for political elections.
You don’t care that he’s in the bathroom with you, but we are tied up in pointless conversation about who pees and where they release? Bathroom blues, or is it pink bathrooms for girls?

-Sharieka Breeden

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You Come Out

Is being openly gay a neccessity? Should people be required to state their sexual orientation? Men and women who are heterosexual have been relieved of the burden of  people working to expose them or forcing them to to state who they love and why they love them. In the world we live in, people don’t pry at a young straight woman to explain why she is into men. It’s what some consider natural and normal. It is what is expected of us. People set standards based on religious beliefs and personal opinions. Where do people find the time or the need to trouble others by deeming their self-righteous perspective  as valid?


More importantly, how can anyone determine that the traditions they’ve carried out and lived their lives according to are the universal codes of existence for all people? There are those advocating against people’s rights and expressing their disdain when it isn’t required. So I am thankful for individuals like All-american University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam who is willing to stand for a cause and stand for the right to be identified with respect, acceptance and without being treated unfairly or unjust.

Sam has helped to increase the visibility of the LGBT community. I thank him for not being afraid to be open and for allowing the world to get to know a man who is a force to be reckoned with on the field. His decision to speak out and answer to the curious souls who come expecting something that they are not entitled to have help to erase limitations and boundaries.  No explanation is owed about a component of someone’s life that has no bearing on the human being they are.

For some, there is a need to know and demand an explanation they feel they are owed. People tend to get fixated on defining and determining who they want family members, friends, and people to become. They are fixated on shaping the lives of others to resemble what they are used to looking at. Close your eyes and your mouths when an individual is involved in love that is not causing detriment to a helpless individual that is being victimized. Open your eyes to domestic violence, poverty, racism, sexism, prejudice, hatred—speak out against these issues. They are issues, they are battles that need to be fought.

When two people are invested in each other, it is their business. When another individual pursues someone (consenting age, consenting mindset, consensually) no one should stand in the way of the connecting of those individuals based on a difference in belief. Stand up and stand strong. Thank you Michael Sam for being an athlete and more importantly a human being who has used his voice to humanize what people treat like an unacceptable way to exist. You have become another face in the fight for equality. Because leaders come few and far between, usually the world of sports and entertainment lead and the rest of the world follows. No one is forcing the acceptance of anything that would jeopardize someone’s belief system. We are only asking that you don’t invade in people’s business or pass judgment or burden people to be who you think they are destined or required to be.


I respect and support the decision of Michael Sam to open up and share a piece of himself (certainly can’t define everything about him). It’s not something to hide. I force myself to think about why people need to know. Then I think of how important it is to have a voice like his be expressed. We need figures who can help erase some of the stigmas and the notions that come with being gay. Capable, smart, athletic, attractive members of society who love just as anybody else does. These are the people that Michael Sam represents when he builds up his courage to share his reality.

The relationships don’t change.  How could they. Two people, two hearts, two minds. Yet and still people work to find out the mystery between same sex couples. Members of society work to rally against rights of others.

We are not in a position to determine who someone should love. Comments and conversations where people dig to find out the components of same-sex relationships and their purpose. People are curious about what takes place. They feel like they are owed an explanation. I find people searching their minds frantically to try and force others into living the traditional lifestyles that they lived.  It’s almost as if there is a high sense of insecurity with knowing someone who is doing something that is considered unconventional.

So, do we need to answer the questions of when it started, how do we know, or listen to statements about something having to go wrong in life? What good does it provide to cater to curiosities of those who judge and want to hear responses so that they can try and correct and provide what they deem as a necessary cure. I congratulate you Michael Sam and for those who build their life around defining the lives of others-YOU COME OUT.

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