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Temporary empty bed


Sometimes it takes your partner being on vacation or a work trip for you to really embrace who they are.
I spend days coming down on my beautiful, witty fiancé about not reading my articles and our shared cleaning schedules.
Even though we are engaged, she’s still my girlfriend.
Through the years we’ve both developed new interests or firmly shaped old ones. When we first started dating, family, friends, feminism, social justice, human rights, plays, theater and movies were a huge part of her interest.
All of these things still are. It was easy to love this about her and came naturally.
In the mornings as we shuffle through the hour and a half before work by filling the 90 minutes in with our beautiful and thoughtful breakfasts, Stacy occasionally listens to podcasts.
Sometimes I come I from morning runs and take my headsets out and say baby, who is that? What are you listening to?”
The replies range from Marc Maron, to Terry Gross on “Fresh Air” interviewing Toni Morrison or Lena Dunham’s talk time.
These are some of her more recently expressed interests along with a huge love for comedy. I don’t overlook them when she’s here which is how I know all this by the way, but it took her absence and returning from a morning run on Friday and not hearing her podcast and seeing her prepare oatmeal with chia seeds to remind me of how blessed I am. Sometimes being in the midst of a blessing makes it such a norm that we fail to see how extraordinary it is.
She’s an Instagram and Internet surfer constantly googling the right way to do things (whether it’s tips for me about recovering from a marathon or tips for her how to join a college class late). She uses social media to embrace and experience individuals like Cheska Lee or “something badass” the first name slips my mind but after a little bit more thinking, I think it’s Nikki.
We talk about things, the Flint water crisis, health/education disparities, grocery lists, vilolence and the stupity of taking someone’s life, or intentionally hurting another person, Amy Schumer’s comedic genius, Kobe Bryant’s excellence as basketball’s greatest ever, Kendrick Lamar and Adele’s strong song writing abilities or Trumps rants, Sander’s place in politics, my family, her family, me missing my bestfriends or the cute pictures and videos of her best friend’s baby or brothers children who she refers to as her kids in an endearing tone.
We sit perplexed about talking about what’s next while sipping on Craft beers and excitedly talking about our new found shared interest in IPAs and stouts. We note our water intake, and smile at our discovery of Bok Choy and Swiss chard while talking about delights like Duck Donuts.
We laugh at movies, cry on them too. No offense to the scripts. All respect, we do this when they are good. She listens to me talk about documentaries like Spanish Land and sits down to check out “30 for 30s” like the “Prince of Pennsylvania” she explores movies like “Blue Jasmine” and encourages me to check out things that I consider questionable like Chelsea Handler’s alleged thought provoking serious where she has a segment on race. (I remain reluctant and refuse)
Right now I am in bed, thinking about my next move, coffee, getting the paper to see if my article on Petey Pablo ran, her and what’s she’s doing, if she is making Pumpkin pancakes (Mickey mouse shaped)for her nephew and two nieces, our wedding plans, the now, what’s next. I’m blessed, sometimes an empty side of the bed serves as the best reminder about how full life is.

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Life over death


Check out my thoughts on gun violence, what we need to do to combat the issue and a breakdown of President Barack Obama’s address to the public on the issue, reform and where we are headed as a nation.

Stay Peace…

Don’t just live, live well -Episode 2

See what Chris Wilmore  is doing in his community to make a difference. People will watch paid boxers and MMA fighters fight. These individuals are doing it for their lives and handling their issues without a gun. No charge. Check out Guns to gloves

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To Do List…

By Sharieka Breeden

As people we are not in a position to know God’s plan. At the start and end of everyday our mind forms a to do list. No matter how minimal or frivolous the tasks may seem to others, the items on that list are top priority to us. For some the list may be finding a way to get their next fix and answer to the threatening calls of addiction. Then there are those who are thinking about their morning run or workout.

No matter what the task, we all consider what we want and need to do. Even if it’s very unimportant to our loved ones, coworkers and peers, we still are bent on dedicating our time and effort in putting all of our vested interest into it. On occasion, we consider what others may need us to do and we become consumed with feeling hassled about whether there is enough time in the day for us to pay bills, prepare meals, and make the money to do these things. We become fixated on fulfilling personal and societal expectations.

When we make plans or set up a to-do list, we plant our minds firmly on it doing everything in our power to make sure that nothing comes between us and the completion of what we feel is top priority.

Then as the day journeys on we are hit with the unexpected and with a spontaneous act that takes up by surprise. The element of surprise is really something. It’s present in good and bad news. It lines our existence. A phone call about a loved one falling ill may take us by surprise. That same one elevating beyond the illness to greet life with a new ambition will surprise us as well. God’s blessings and will is beyond amazing when it aligns with a persons desires and ambitions though. Most of the time only something coming from God can put a stop in our plans and change our direction.


We have plans and aspirations but all the aspirations and plans of humankind combined can’t measure up to one of the highest powers plans and intentions to help shape and mold us. The to-do list that we have are great for organizational purposes but what God will have us to do and prepares us to to is not always listed in an orderly and structured fashion. As people are we ready to do what we weren’t aware we would be called to do before going to sleep and after waking the next day?

Are we prepared to arrange our lists and be spontaneous enough to explore the experience and journey that God wants to carry us on. Even if you miss your fix, or have to schedule a later run, go with God because you may be getting ready to engage in the process of evolution and progression right before your eyes. There is nothing that can provide anything more worthy for us to do.

To Do List:
1. Let go
2. Let God
3. I will
What’s on your to do your list?

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