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Life over death


Check out my thoughts on gun violence, what we need to do to combat the issue and a breakdown of President Barack Obama’s address to the public on the issue, reform and where we are headed as a nation.

Stay Peace…

Don’t just live, live well -Episode 2

See what Chris Wilmore  is doing in his community to make a difference. People will watch paid boxers and MMA fighters fight. These individuals are doing it for their lives and handling their issues without a gun. No charge. Check out Guns to gloves

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Intentions are clear, but the motives are clouded.
Can’t stare in the direction, forced to face the reflection.
Face in front of a puddle of water, voice echoing off the walls.
Screams from the inside, pressure on, yell as loudly as you can,
nobody answers when shouting calls.
The highest is present in every action and thought.
Before the creation was the creator.
Intentions are clear, but the motives are clouded.
Would love to know the mindset of such a thinker.
Able to develop a space formerly known as the world, the universe, our space.
This place, temporary, not everlasting, rules and regulations, consistent agitation.
Limitations. Four lines, constantly stuck in a box. No answer when judgement knocks.
Disbelief, in disbelief about what’s being offered. Every day requires another strategy to avoid redundancy.
Hands open, waiting to hold the possibility of a promise or the guarantee that reliving the best moment ever is the dream that you are working to turn into a reality.
Intentions are clear, motives unknown.
Looking in the mirror, self hiding, the truth is not shown.
Questions and answers all created based on perception, opinion and experience.

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